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Aletta Ocean

Aliasuri: Artemis Gold, Aletta Alien, Aletta Florancia, Jessica Kline, Aletta Nubiles, Dora Varga, Doris Alien, Nikita Charm, Doris, Beatrice P

Tara: Hungary

Anul nasterii: 1987-12-14

Ochi: Grey

Par: Black

Intaltime: 172

Greutate: 58

Tate: Fake

Cur: Fake

Vizualizari: 2.2K

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2010 AVN Awards: Female Foreign Performer Of The Year and Best Sex Scene In A Foreign-Shot Production.
She has had three breast augmentations, first going to a 34C, then a D cup and again in January 2010 to a DD cup. She has also had plastic surgery done on her nose and lips. She has also suggested possible further surgery including liposuction.
In January 2012, Aletta had lip implants inserted for a fuller and more permanent look. She posted to her Twitter account saying, "My new lips. It was so painful". She has received ass implants.
Miss tourism Hungary 2006

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